Friday, September 19, 2008

etsy store open

While waiting for Batch Three to hatch I've kept busy. Beside making my NaniBirdland poster available at imagekind, I've also been working on some custom NaniBird sets, featuring some new little guys, the Peeps!

Up above is NaniDad and the Peeps. This anxious Dad is saying "doshite" in Japanese or "Why"? A less polite interpretation could be read as"WTF?!?!". Maybe he's feeling a little ambivalent about his good fortune. At least his chomange is in good order.

It's NaniMommi to the rescue. NaniMommi Eat is calling the Peeps to eat. All the NaniMommi's are based on traditional kimono fabric patterns, and like NaniDad, are wearing traditional geta on their feet.

Here NaniMommi Home is calling the Peeps back to the nest.

And finally, NaniMommi Nap is letting the Peeps know it's time for a little time out.

You can get them all at the new etsy shop I've just set up. These NaniBird sets are printed on archival quality card stock and come with full instructions.


Amy C said...

totally cool, I just checked out the store it looks fab.
These new little bird families are awesome

mckibillo said...

Thanks! glad you like them.

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