Friday, August 5, 2011

NaniBird in 3D

Man, this is really cool! And yet another example of the really amazing things NaniBird fans come up with.  The "thing" above was created by justjoheinz AKA Markus Klink. It's a model designed for 3D printing, (as in actual, complete, whole printed plastic objects) many more of which can be found at Thingverse. I was unfamiliar with Thingverse, but it's a really cool, open source community of printable 3D models, made by the members, free for download. And if you’re a Stephen Colbert fan you have to check out the free portrait bust available.

1 comment:

ileana said...

Hi there! wow... how nice! how does it feel to see your design turned into something like this?! i´ll stop by thingverse place to check it :-)
Have a nice day!!

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