Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The NaniBirds abide...

So even though I haven't posted anything here in a while, NaniBirds continue to make their way around the globe. Here's some pics from a cool thing that happened a couple of months ago in Hamburg, Germany. A craft night for the big kids, organized by craft:raum. In the words of one of the founders:

This is what craft:raum is about:
Craftnights organized by a handful of part-time enthusiasts:
"betahaus Hamburg", "hello handmade", "CashBits", "Tante Tin", "Milchmädchen" and "Ahoimeise".
It's a space for creative ideas, craft beginners and experienced crafter.
The nanibird workshop was initiated by "baustelle Hamburg", "Tante Tin" and "Milchmädchen".
We used the nanibirds from your site and I also made two craft:raum versions, without eyes and wings so that the people could get creative on that. We provided different materials like fabrics, buttons and masking tape and it was a pleasure to see that the people were mixing all the materials up in so many creative kind of ways!
Also, the following pic showed up in my FB feed one day, from a newspaper in Malaysia. Nice to see that little birdie getting around!

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