Friday, May 27, 2011

Design Festa and THE BIG SELL OUT!

So this month was Design Festa here in Japan. It's always a lot of fun, whether on the selling or shopping side. It's always nice to see a smile spread on someone's face when they check out your booth. I sold all of the Paper Monsters books and a fair amount of the Glueless NaniBirds as well, plus some postcards and paintings. But! I didn't sell enough of the Glueless NaniBirds, so I'm having a BIG SALE! From now on, until they're gone, ALL GLUELESS NANIBIRDS in the store are just $2 EACH(!!!)

And remember, if you use the code 4for3 when you check out, if you buy 3 NaniBirds you get the 4th one free! Wha...?!?!?

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