Monday, December 20, 2010

Building tips?

So I got an email from NaniBird fan Ryan who asked me about solving what is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem with the NaniBird design... namely, after a few weeks, the speech bubbles can get a little droopy. In my experience, the same goes for the feet.. they can spread out after a while and flatten out.

But, there are a few ways to help prevent it. The first, simplest method is just to use the thickest paper your printer can accept. After that, you can also coat the bubble (it works for the feet as well) in a thin layer of Mod Podge (or a similar water based glue). I have also seen some people make little paper "shims" that strengthen the back of the bubble, usually a thin folded rod of paper glued in place.

How about it NaniBird fans? Any other build tips you can think of for the little birdies? Please leave your suggestions in the comments.



bbblink said...

I glue the thought bubble and feet onto an index card, then neatly cut them out.

mckibillo said...

Yeah, that's a good solution!

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