Monday, July 26, 2010

Batch 4 Needs More! Can you help?

Hi all, it's been WAY too long between batches… and the world needs more NaniBirds! I really want to get Batch Four released into the world. Some folks submitted designs MONTHS ago and I just never got it together enough to do a Batch release. So I need your help!

Right now I have 25 amazing, gorgeous designs ready for release but I would really like to get that number up to 35. So if you ever wanted to try your hand at designing one or know someone who you think might want to give it a go, here's a link to the templates.

When you send in your designs (as pdf's) please also include 3 pics of your creation, shot on white, from the 3 angles that I used for the other Batches. The shots don't have to be perfect, but it would save me a lot of time. Please send everything to josh(at)

August 31st is the deadline.

OK, so I really hope to hear from everyone and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!


PS. But because I can also be a bit of a jerk I might not use everything that gets sent in… sorry and thanks for understanding.

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