Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tokyo show poster and official mascot

It's a poster, it's a papertoy, it's both!

Here's my poster for the Urban Paper show that I'm organizing in Tokyo. It will be at Café Pause in Ikebukuro and will run from Sept. 7th to the 20th. Since not everyone who was in the book will be in the show, I didn't want to use the photo collage from previous shows that included all the designs. I  also wanted to come up with something that more generically addressed the idea of papertoys and could actually BE a papertoy as well, but one that could also work as a flat image. So the poster is also the "official" mascot of the Tokyo show. Here's how it looks built.


To get your own Urban Paper mascot, click here. Please feel free to re-post or share this guy. Spread the word!

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