Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who watches the Nanis....?

Definitely one of the coolest customs yet... Rorschach and NightOwl! from one of my favorite graphic novels of all time, The Watchmen. Oh yeah, and there was that movie that came out a couple of months ago... (I'm not gonna lie, I really liked it as well).

But man, check out these customs! Done by none other than the incomparable Jack "Horrorwood" Hankins (for whom I did a custom myself not too long ago). I love the details on these: the use of Archie (NightOwl's ship) for the speech bubble and the collar on Rorschach's jacket, not to mention his "The End is Nigh" sign. Really great... To get these bad boys for yourself, click here for Rorschach and here for NightOwl. And please! post some shots of these out in the wild to the flickr group!


Craig said...

These are some great papercrafts, but Nite-Owl's ship is called Archie, short for Archimedes, which is Merlin's pet owl. It is not named Merlin.

mckibillo said...

Doh! Thanks for the correction, I've fixed the post now... *sheepish grin*

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