Monday, July 6, 2009

No More Batches!... well kinda.

So, I've been rethinking this whole Batch release thing... I've posted 3 Batches already and have been collecting great designs for Batch Four, but the time between releases can be really frustrating for folks who submit their designs early on while waiting for the next release. And it can be frustrating for me as well to have to sit on such great designs before posting them so.... starting today I'll post designs as I get them. I'll still be collecting designs in Batches, and they'll live permanently under The Birds on the left side menu so visitors to this site will be able to look through and download any of the NaniBirds at anytime. I have quite a few great designs submitted so far and I hope over the next few weeks to get most of them posted, so stay tuned.

But to start things off, I'm very pleased, tickled in fact, to present, "Tucky" a great custom designed by Dolly Oblong, for whom I did a custom of my own. To get Tucky just click here and download, print, cut and play!

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